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Welcome to Four Pillars!

Who is Four Pillars?

Four Pillars is the result of years of the hard work of Barb Follett. While I (Barb) am currently in vet school in the UK, both to learn more about otterhounds and to pursue my goal of becoming a veterinarian, my parents are currently holding the fort down in NJ. I became involved in otterhounds in 2010 and have endlessly strived to breed correct, healthy, and loving Otterhounds for both the show ring and to be beloved family pets.

Our first litter was born in 2014, since then we have bred a best in show winner, multiple group winners, a National specialty winner, multiple specialty winner, the only American bred champion in both the US and UK, a Crufts best of breed winner, and a Westminster Kennel Club winner. We have collaborated with many kennels worldwide to produce quality hounds of a diverse background. However, most importantly, we have produced many beloved family pets.

What should you know about Otterhounds?

Before inquiring about an Otterhound, it is important to understand what owning an Otterhound entails. Otterhounds are an ancient breed, with very low numbers world-wide. They are scent hounds and their brain is activated by smells! The otterhound works on trust and is a devoted family member and often your pack leader. 


The AKC breed club, Otterhound Club of America has detailed information on Otterhounds.

The Otterhound Club of America, Inc.


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